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  • Medd y Foel (Mead of the Foel)

    The winter-grazed clover meadow just below Y Foel

    If you followed a link to “” or ““: This post will be superseded by a dedicated “Medd y Foel” website once production gets into full swing. Last year we set up a new venture based around our apiary here at Y Foel. The primary goal is to produce excellent mead, […]

  • MVHR filters to order

    Extract pad on left was definitely past its use-by date!

    After a couple of years our original stock of MVHR filters was used up. We then faced a dilema: The MVHR manufacturer was asking about 7 Euro for each G4 foam filter pad, and the online prices for a single Lindab F7 intake filter were between £40 and £60. Although […]

  • Does PH cramp an architects style?

    Does PH cramp an architects style?

    Below are comments I made on two blog posts by the architect and TV presenter Piers Taylor. As of writing my comments are still awaiting moderation. My responses may be of little consequence, but as a result of the huge public outcry at their non-appearance I felt compelled to reproduce […]

  • One year of PV

    One year of PV

    Total PV output after 365 days: 1,894.8 kWh This equates to the following percentages: 70% of non-space heating electricity (1) 57.5% of total consumption (2) 46.8% of our total energy usage (3) 1. This figure includes a 33% overlap to adjust for double-accounting, meaning 33% was both consumed by us […]

  • Bolt-ons


    Efficiency first. Fabric second. Bolt-on’s last? I admit it’s a little hypocritical to install PV’s at this stage, since I can get a bit preachy about the urgent need for a general fabric-first approach. With the general state of the UK housing stock the Feed-in Tariff scheme for PV does […]

  • Have your cake and eat it?

    Have your cake and eat it?

    Is it possible to get bored with sunrises? Each autumn and winter we wake up to a spectacular series of dawns. As the sun rises further towards the south east each day the point at which it appears above the Cambrian hills moves into the direct line of site from […]

  • Would you buy a car that did 4 mpg?

    Would you buy a car that did 4 mpg?

    ….or a bicycle with tyres that only last a month? We expect so much, from so many things we use every day. We have become accustomed to high levels of efficiency in design and energy use. We are so demanding with so many of the products of the industrial age. […]